After carrying the idea around with him for a number of years, Ingo Steinbach’s first single off of his debut EP will finally be released in early 2018. Entitled “The Best Is Yet To Come,” the song is affirmation that anything is indeed still possible for the 44-year-old singer, guitarist and music producer from Vienna.
For Ingo, it has been a long and often strenuous road to this point, but also one filled with many beautiful moments – such as living with his wife and kids at the foot of Anninger Mountain and its lovely vineyards. How, one might ask, could it get any better than this?
Well, that’s not so easy to answer, since there is nothing really missing in his life. A degree of contentment and peace of mind have set in, thanks to all that he has already achieved. In fact, many would say it’s the perfect time for him to simply kick back and reap the rewards from a successful career as music producer and recording studio operator.
But there is indeed some unfinished business left, for Ingo has a strong desire to see where the path of singer-songwriter will take him – even if it means leaving the comfort zone yet again.
In the past, Ingo tended to remain in the background, whether as a musician playing in bands or as a producer for a variety of different artists. It was never his intention to be in the spotlight, and even he would admit that the thought of doing a striptease of the soul for an audience was simply too daunting. After all, while “pulling the strings” from the comfort of the back seat, he saw many promising artists rise quickly, only to suffer a setback and give up entirely on their music career.
So, if Ingo has learned one thing, it is this: In order to succeed as an artist, a lot of different pieces must fit together, like they do in an intricate mosaic. Of course, success is often difficult to define, so one of the pieces is being clear about your music goals.
Now that all the pieces fit for Ingo – the lyrics, the music, the voice, the production – he is eager to see where his path as an artist will lead.